Magnesia Carbon Bricks Uses

What's the application of a magnesia carbon brick? Magnesia carbon bricks have excellent slag corrosion resistance, slag permeability, thermal shock stability and thermal conductivity. Magnesia Carbon Bricks Uses are mainly in the lining of steelmaking oxidation converters, the tapping port, the hot spot of high-power electric furnace wall, the lining of refining furnace outside the furnace, and the slag line of steel drum.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

At present, magnesia carbon bricks have been widely used in steelmaking and have become a traditional use of graphite. Magnesia carbon bricks were used in the lining of oxygen top-blown converters. Most of the materials used for the oxygen top-blown steel lining are magnesia carbon bricks, and the life of the lining is 1000-1500 times. When building magnesia carbon bricks on ladle, care should be taken not to mix with bricks with high SiO2. Otherwise, it will increase the local melting loss of the magnesia carbon brick.

Magnesia carbon brick has good high temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance and low temperature creep.

Industrial magnesia carbon bricks are mainly used in steelmaking alkaline flat furnaces, electric furnace bottoms and furnace walls, permanent lining of oxygen converters, non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces, high temperature tunnel kiln, calcined magnesia bricks and cement rotary kiln linings, furnaces for heating furnaces. Bottom and furnace walls, glass kiln regenerator lattice bricks, etc. Mainly used in furnace lining, steel tapping, high-power electric furnace wall hot spot of steelmaking oxidizer, as well as lining of refining furnace outside the furnace, slag line part of steel drum, etc.

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